To empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to plan and understand your own financial future.

1.  To help you create and maintain a financial plan that achieves - for the rest of your life -
     your definite and not-so-definite lifetime goals.

2.  To provide ongoing advice and recommendations for the management of your
     investments, utilizing a rigorous discipline normally available only to large, institutional

3.  To tailor the level of detail of information and decision-support to your desired degree of
     need and interest at any given time.

As a boutique Investment Consulting firm, we build a long-term relationship with you that we both value.  We ensure that you attain a high level of comfort with a financial plan and investment strategy that you understand clearly and that can adjust to changes in your life and in investment markets.

We recognize that your knowledge of planning and investments can range from novice to advanced and we customize the additional knowledge and tools, information, research, and decision-making tools we provide to meet YOUR level of knowledge and experience.

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